Rileys Gym Facility Policies

All members and guests of Rileys Gym must follow our policies which are part of the Rileys Gym Membership Agreement and have been prepared by our legal team. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Rileys Gym policies which are part of your signed agreement.

Who needs to follow these policies? 

The Rileys Gym team, Rileys Gym members and their guests. 

Why do you need to follow these policies? 

We’ve created these policies to ensure we create an enjoyable safe space for all members and guests of the gym whilst ensuring we maintain club standards.

What happens if I don’t follow these policies?

If you don’t comply, we may ask you to leave the gym, deny you gym access or terminate your membership, depending on the seriousness of the situation. We will always be fair when applying our policies however we need to ensure these policies are in play so that everyone can work out in an enjoyable, safe and comfortable environment. 

Before you start

Talk to your doctor before starting a new fitness program or using the Rileys Gym facilities. Upon signing up and each time you use our facilities and services, you must ensure you are in good physical condition and know of no medical or other reason why you should not exercise. You must not use the Rileys Gym facilities if you are suffering from any illness, disease, injury or other condition that could be a risk to your health or safety or that of other members.


Every time you enter one of the Rileys Gym clubs, you must use your access tag to enter or present yourself to the staff at reception to sign you in. 

Please note that no one else may use your access tag. If your access tag is used by someone else, you will be charged a fee on your account or we may suspend your membership. 

If your membership fees haven’t been paid up to date, or your membership is on hold, suspended or terminated, club access will be denied until all outstanding amounts have been paid. Your membership may also be terminated if any fees remain unpaid for an extended period. You will still be liable for all unpaid amounts. A cancellation fee may also apply.

When signing a membership agreement, you commit to fulfilling out the term of the membership. Once that term is complete, your weekly debits will continue as the agreement moves into an out of term membership. Rileys Gym reserves the right to cancel or update your membership once you are out of term.

Please note your membership is not transferable to another person unless approved by management first. A fee is involved in transferring the remainder of your term to another party.

Membership Freeze

You may temporarily suspend or freeze your membership for any reason if your account is up to date. In any 12-month period, you may freeze your membership for a minimum of 2 weeks with a maximum of 12 weeks. You will be charged $5 per week whilst your membership is frozen. The minimum term will be extended for the same time as the freeze period. Note that a membership freeze can not be backdated. All membership freeze requests will require a processing time from our admin staff and we will always endeavour to process your request within 48 hours. 

Membership Cancellation

You can cancel your membership at any time by telling us in writing and paying the cancellation fee. This applies to any member who would like to cancel for any reason, whether it be personal, medical or just for your convenience. If you are in term of your membership agreement, you will need to pay the cancellation fee which is listed on your contract for the remainder of the minimum term which will need to be settled in full. Once this is paid, your membership will be cancelled and the direct debit agreement will be ceased. 

Access Tag

If your access tag is lost or stolen, you will need to see our reception staff and organise a new one. A replacement fee will be charged for a new access tag. 

Please note: access tags are non-refundable, exchangeable or able to be sold or transferred into another member’s name. 

Direct Debit Agreement

All Membership Fee payments made to Rileys Gym will be by direct debit and will be paid through our biller. You will be provided with a copy of the Direct Debit Payment Agreement of the biller which applies to your direct debit service. Please note the Direct Debit Payment Agreement is separate to the Rileys Gym Membership Agreement. 

If you do not pay your fees when they are due, your membership may be suspended until all outstanding amounts are paid. 

You must ensure there is enough money in your nominated account on the usual payment, or the next working day if that falls on a day when banks do not process payments. If there is not enough money in your nominated account on the usual payment day, or there is another reason that your account was unable to be debited, you will be charged the biller’s administration fee. This will be added to your next debit amount. 

All members are responsible for keeping their payment information up to date. If your details change, you will need to contact Rileys Gym or the nominated biller who processes your payments and provide them with the updated details. 

General Facility Rules

  • It is your responsibility to keep us informed with all your current and up to date information.

  • When entering the facility, you must show your identification if requested. No casual visitors/guests are allowed to enter the premises without checking into reception with their identification.

  • Parking at our facility is only for Rileys Gym members and their guests while using our club. Please use our parking lot responsibly, keeping others safety in mind. Rileys Gym is not liable for any loss, theft or damage to vehicles on the facility premises.

  • You will be charged a tailgate fee should you bring in another person into our facility without permission. You are welcome to bring guests with you however they must pay a casual entry fee and sign in at the front desk during staffed hours.

  • Upon entering the facility, you will be under surveillance for your safety and security.

  • Exercise gear fit for purpose must be worn at all times in our facilities. You must wear closed footwear at all times and all appropriate clothing. No bare bodies will be acceptable at any time.

  • Don’t bring alcohol or illegal drugs into our facilities.

  • Don’t smoke inside or near the entrance to our facilities.

  • Please don’t consume food or beverages brought from outside, in our facilities.

  • Don’t use the facilities while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics .

  • We prohibit the use and sale of any illegal performance enhancing or other illicit substances on our premises and your membership may be cancelled without warning with the remaining amount to be paid out.

  • If you are taking photos or videos in our facility, please respect other members’ privacy, including ensuring that you do not photograph or film members without their consent and by ensuring that you are not detracting from other members’ experience at Rileys Gym.

  • Any photo/video shoots on our premises with intent of commercial use must receive written permission from the Rileys Gym. Fees may be charged for the use of our facility for commercial use.

  • Equipment must be used with it’s intended purpose. Follow all the instructions provided. Don’t be shy to ask for help if you’re unsure how to operate any piece of equipment.

  • Equipment is to be used safely and properly and you agree to take care of them while you’re using them.

  • If you notice some equipment is damaged, broken or unsafe, please let our staff know right away.

  • Please think of other people by replacing weights and equipment after use. Fines may apply for repeated offenders.

  • A towel must be used on all equipment and while training at Rileys Gym floor or attending one of our group fitness classes.

  • Please wipe down equipment after you finish training on them.

  • No outside personal trainers are allowed into our facility so please do not bring your own personal trainer. Rileys Gym provides their members with certified Personal Trainers who are legally permitted to train our members.

  • Rileys Gym is not responsible for any loss, damage or misplacement of personal items in or around the gym including lockers, bathrooms, change rooms or car park. We will always endeavour to assist in finding any items which are lost so please ensure you notify our reception staff as soon as possible.

  • If you behave in a seriously inappropriate way, including damaging equipment, bullying or harassing other members or staff, distribute or use illicit substances or train other members without permission, immediate action will be taken. Your membership may be suspended or cancelled, with a cancellation fee applying. You may also be banned from joining any of our facilities. Rileys Gym prides themselves on providing an enjoyable, safe and comfortable environment for all members.